" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 23, 2018

The (Love) Shack?

I listened to the above 'Aeon Byte' podcast yesterday
(February 22nd, 2018) where Miguel Conner
talks with William Paul Young about Paul's novel and movie adaption 'The Shack'.
I've never heard of the book or movie until listening to the
'Aeon Byte' podcast, but I will try to catch the movie if I can find it.
I like Sam Worthington as an actor and I have written posts about some of the movies I have seen him in -
PAPER Planes Sync in the FLOW
"We've All Been There": Tropfest Winner 2013
Nicholas Clifford (pineapple in hand) and Sam Worthington (Just Alpha)

The Deeply Odd Synchromystic Life and Death of Anton Yelchin
Ironically, not that I have seen the movie or read the book 'The Shack', but the jist of what I get from the podcast is that the story is about forgiveness and then I see Sam's next movie after 'The Shack' is 'Hunter's Prayer' (not that I have seen any more than the trailer) where he plays a hired assassin.
The storyline being -
"An assassin helps a young woman avenge the death of her family."
Personally, when it comes to forgiveness my motto is "God forgives, I don't".
That's not to say that I stew in revenge fantasies about people who have f#cked me over in life, because I believe in karma and sincerely believe that life will catch up with them in this life or the next. 
And besides, I don't know what karma I have carried over from past lives, so maybe God is dishing a few lessons out to me in this one?
Not to say I'm going to grin about it while life punches me in the face this time round, I'm going to get pretty pissed off about it all while I'm here going through it all for whatever cosmic reason it's for...until the punchline makes sense to me.
I get it about the act of forgiveness being more for the benefit of the forgiver than the forgiven, but I could never forgive the killer of my child, like Sandy MacGregor claims to have done in the You Tube below.
Sandy MacGregor's "Journey of Proof to Learn about the Subconscious Mind" 
I can't even forgive my ex-wife for f#cking my life up and walking out on me without even trying to work things out, but I throw my resentment into the universe's basket, because I believe what goes around comes around and while I never want to see her or talk to her in my lifetime again I'm not going to sit stewing about it for the rest of my life, like I know I would if someone gunned down my kid in cold blood.
I admire people like Sandy, because I couldn't do what he's done in the forgiveness stakes.
My life would really spiral out of control under the same circumstances, I feel.
Ironically, William Paul Young was born on the 11th of May, which is my ex-wife's birthday, too.
Isn't the universe/God/what ever you want to call it funny?-)
You're probably wondering what that Dave Graney book pictured above has to do with this post.
Apart from the paper plane Dave is flying there is quite a bit.
I wrote a post at the start of February -
The Many Faces of COINcidence?
which was about a podcast Dr. Bernie Beitman did with a guy from my hometown of Brisbane, who I had never heard of until then, named Laurence Brown, who had written a book called
'The Many Faces of Coincidence'.
I ended that post with these words -
"I might even attend a book launch night at the store
[The Avid Reader] if I see an author who draws my attention on some coincidental/synchronistic level.
In fact I might call heads on that one right now?-)
Well, that author was Dave Graney and the talk was last night (Febraury 22nd), which was why in my last post I wrote that I could only see the movie '2:22' at 2:10 pm -
2:22 on 2/22?
Dave Graney sitting in the 'Gifts and Things' section of  'The Avid Reader' bookstore
I first mentioned Dave when I saw a talk of his at the Byron Writer's Festival years ago and bought and read his first book -
The Dave Graney/Justin Heazlewood Sync Roadshow
I'll do another post about Dave's talk at 'The Avid Reader', otherwise this post will get out of hand, if it isn't already.
My copy of 'The Big Issue' #555 9-22 February, 2018
The Big Issue here is synchronicity, as I had never come across anyone selling 'The Big Issue' magazine before last night, when there was a guy outside 'The Avid Reader' selling it and he asked me if I wanted to buy a copy.
I said sure, having no idea that they were $7 each.
The first time I had heard about this magazine was when I saw a movie about a ginger cat and street busker in London who sold
'The Big Issue' magazine -
A Street Cat Named Bob/Tiger
Oddly enough, on page 12 of the magazine is an article titled
'Love Shack' written by Ricky French, which is about an asbestos cottage in New Zealand that was lived in by two lovers who were shunned by society and who did as best as they could in that love shack of theirs.
Or as Kiwis might say, "asbestos they could";-)
There was also this advert above in the same magazine for
'Habitat for Humanity Australia' about rocking the house (shack?).
Then there was an article about butterflies and studies titled 'Article of Faith' where Lorin Clarke who co-hosts the
'Stupidly Small' podcast writes about all of those small life pleasures like four butterflies frolicking through the air and the smell of pine forests.
And at about the 50 minute mark of the 'Aeon Byte' podcast William Paul Young tells how the butterfly that lands on the nose of the main character just happened while shooting and it was left in the movie, it wasn't a special effect, as some would think.
A picture of Kylie Minogue was also in the magazine and I later found out that Dave's partner Clare Moore played the drums in that Kylie song in the You Tube above.
That's Clare's head in the photo above, as Clare sat down in front of me last night, as luck would have it.
The dedication from 'Workshy' to Clare
I thought it was also kind of a sync that Dave's birthday is the 2nd of February, as that means Dave was born on 2/2, too;-)
2/2, too;-)
When I asked Dave to sign my copy of his book to Daz he told me that he was in a band called 'Wam & Daz'.
I looked the band up on the net when I got home and found a few You Tubes of their songs. 
So, if it wasn't for me hearing Laurence Browne on Dr. Bernie Beitman's podcast and looking up just who Laurence Browne was and finding his book talk at 'The Avid Reader', I would have missed out on Dave's talk, plus on a few other things, which I'll write about in future posts.
Dave at the signing table last night

February 22, 2018

2:22 on 2/22?

The Movie '2:22' finally hit Australian cinema screens today on the 22nd of February, 2018 and I caught the only session my "to-do"list for today would let me...the 2:10 pm session.
I wrote about this movie back on September 22nd last year after hearing a '42 Minutes' podcast with the writer Todd Stein -  
Cherry on the Brain?
And to make the movie a little more eerie I was the only one in the cinema for that session.
Teresa Palmer the star of '2:22' in a long-sleeved, cherry-print, dress
In my old September 22 post I wrote about all the cheery synchs happening around the time of writing that post and today there are more cheery synchs in the news today - 
Who is Cherry Seaborn?
Demi Lovato in a retro cherry print
Download the podcast where Todd talks about why he wrote the film '2:22' by clicking on the link below -
09.17.17 Episode 286: Todd Stein 2:22
Or go to the '42 Minutes' website and hit the play button.

The Year of the Earth Dog and a Bon-Fire?

A fire has hit the most important shrine in Tibetan Buddhism - the Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa
"Losar (Tibetan: ལོ་གསར་, Wylie: lo-gsar; "new year") is a festival in Tibetan Buddhism.
The holiday is celebrated on various dates depending on location (Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan) and tradition.
The holiday is a new year's festival, celebrated on the first day of the lunisolar Tibetan calendar, which corresponds to a date in February or March in the Gregorian calendar.
In 2018, the new year commenced on the 16th of February and celebrations will run until the 18th of the same month.
It also commenced the Year of the Male Earth Dog."
"Losar predates the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet and has its roots in a winter incense-burning custom of the Bon religion."
"The 14th Dalai Lama frames the importance of consulting the Nechung Oracle for Losar:
For hundreds of years now, it has been traditional for the Dalai Lama, and the Government, to consult Nechung during the New Year festivals.
Tenzin Wangyal frames his experience of Tibetan cultural practice of Losar in relation to elemental celebrations and offerings to Nāga (Tibetan: Klu):
During Losar, the Tibetan celebration of the new year, we did not drink champagne to celebrate. Instead, we went to the local spring to perform a ritual of gratitude.
We made offerings to the nagas, the water spirits who activated the water element in the area.
We made smoke offerings to the local spirits associated with the natural world around us.
Beliefs and behaviors like ours evolved long ago and are often seen as primitive in the West.
But they are not only projections of human fears onto the natural world, as some anthropologists and historians suggest.
Our way of relating to the elements originated in the direct experiences by our sages and common people of the sacred nature of the external and internal elements.
We call these elements earth, water, fire, air, and space."
"A bonfire is a large but controlled outdoor fire, used either for informal disposal of burnable waste material or as part of a celebration."
The Year of the Earth Dog is really off to an eerie start in China/Tibet with fire elements crashing the party right from the get-go.