" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 19, 2018

Mermaids, Aliens, Sirens, B-Grade Coffee and Adult Swimmers?

Watching The Watchmen
I've noticed a lot of posts and podcasts this week mentioning the Starbucks mermaid/siren logo all worth a read of, or a listen to.
Michael Garfield makes the comment about Starbucks making the mermaid logo gender neutral in his current podcast - 
Michael has even interviewed an adult swimmer/mermaid in a past podcast at his ' Future Fossils' podcast site -
Daisaku Ikeda?
Chris Knowles has written a number of thought provoking posts at his 'The Secret Sun' blog like his recent one pictured above -
Mermaid Apocalypse: Social Engineering through Memetic Overkill
And Andrew W. Griffin has written another thought provoking post about aliens/mermaids/sirens at The Red Dirt Report titled -
Fairy tales and mermaid tails: Cascading through our consciousness
Is something dark welling up from the collective unconsciousness besides black coffee?
Coffee and the Siren's Song

January 18, 2018


"Sophia’s currently at work on a number of cool projects, including The Environmental Justice Atlas – a database of environmental conflicts happening around the world.
She’s also helping Daniel Pinchbeck write a book on ayahuasca and has worked at Kosmicare, a European psychedelic harm reduction project.

Another Gr8 Talk at Rune Soup with Lynne McTaggart Talking About the Power of 8

18.16 – MU Podcast

Three Signs and a GOODYEAR blimp?

I read a post at the Synchrosecrets Blog called -
A Synchro Weekend
were Rob MacGregor wrote about visiting his daughter with his wife Trish and seeing the movie 
'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' at their daughter's suggestion, because their daughter had already seen it and thought it was good.
My movie ticket
The funny thing was that my sons wanted to take me to the movies to see 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' the same day the Golden Globes were being screened, but over here in Australia that's a Monday, because we are a day ahead of Florida over on this side of the planet.
So I saw the same movie as Rob and his family saw probably a few hours after they had seen it, because the GGs finished around midday Monday over here and we went to the 7.00pm screening that day, so I already knew that the movie had won the best picture award and  that Frances McDormand won the Best Actress Award and Sam Rockwell won Best Supporting Actor at the GGs before I saw the movie.
Trish's winning $100 scratch-it ticket, won in three prizes on the ticket
Rob also wrote in that post that.
"An hour or so later, we headed back to South Florida, getting onto the always hectic I-4.
We’d barely gone a couple of miles when we noticed an oval-shaped object on the horizon in the distance, several miles away.
We quickly recognized it as a blimp.
We continued on, existed I-4 after several miles and entered the Florida Turnpike.
That’s when we saw the blimp again.
Now closer.
As we drove on, we seemed to be heading toward the blimp and the blimp seemed to be heading toward us.
We could read, GOODYEAR, clearly on the side of the blimp and it came so close we thought we could see people in the windows of the carriage at the bottom.
Amazingly, as the blimp reached the turnpike, it was heading in the same direction we were moving and passed right overhead.
For a couple of minutes, we lost site of it, because it was above us.
Then the road turned and the blimp came back into view on the opposite side of the turnpike.
We took it as another sign—a Good Year ahead!
As if to top it off, Trish bought a lotto ticket while in Orlando and won $100.
A great weekend of interesting synchros!"
I wrote a comment on that post of Rob's mentioning a scratch-it scene in the movie, 
"On the subject of ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ I thought it was synchy that Trish won the $100 in three parts on the scratch ticket and that…SPOILER ALERT…the cop in the movie tried to gather DNA buy scratching the suspect in the movie, although his scratchy was a loser in the end."
Rob also writes in that post,
"Maybe that synchronicity cued us up for the startling one that would follow the next morning.
As we were getting ready for the return trip, Trish received an e-mail from author Whitley Strieber.
Incredibly, he asked her if we’d ever heard of the spiritualist town of Cassadaga, Florida.
He said he would be visiting there within the coming two weeks to meet with someone who had some sort of mysterious project in mind.
He asked if we wanted to get together with him for a lunch, if we lived somewhere within striking distance.
Of course, Trish replied that we not only knew of the place, but were there the day before.
We warned Whitley that the Cassadaga Hotel is haunted and the beds are hard, and suggested that he might want to stay at a nearby b&b.
But he wrote back that in spite of the hard beds, he felt that the spooky hotel was where he should stay.
Trish told him that we’d been scared out of our wits years ago while staying in a room at the top of the stairs to the left.
He responded awhile later that he was booked in Room 38, which is at the top of the stairs to the left!"
Whitley has a new book out titled 'The Afterlife Revolution' which I found rather synchronistic because I keep feeling that my dad, or someone on the other-side is sending me signs as a bit of guidance as to what I should do with my life.
The spider-web outside my window in January, 2018
On the morning of the day I saw this movie there was a massive spider-web outside my kitchen window, the same window I had written about in this post where I saw the butterfly -
The butterfly outside my kitchen window in September, 2017
The Common Crow or Oleander Butterfly
My kitchen window where I do my sinking and synching
I wondered watch the message meant for me apart from the old everything is connected theme of life.
The thing is though I've been thinking of doing another road trip, this time to Adelaide and back.
I've never been to Adelaide before and I was almost going to visit Adelaide on my trip back from Tasmania in 2016, but that would have made the trip too long I thought, so I decided to pin a
Great Ocean Road trip to Adelaide at another time in the future.
I actually bought a bottle of sparkling wine for New Years because it had butterflies on the label and the wine was from the Adelaide Hills area.
It was kind of a way of combining a New Year's resolution into a drink I was going to toast the New Year in with and my (not so committed) intention of driving to Adelaide this year.
I met Mark Holden last year (I had no intention of meeting him on the day) and we had a big chat about Carl Jung and our mutual interest in synchronicity and I read his book and he is an Adelaide boy who writes about his life growing up in Adelaide, so I knew I had to make the trip to Adelaide soon, as the universe is bashing me over the head with Adelaide signs.
Mark is a huge Adelaide Crows fan, which he writes about in the book and of course the butterfly that landed on my windowsill last September was a Common Crow butterfly.
I kept asking myself what this web was trying to weave for my future and after I had read Rob's post and telling him about the Australian actress who plays the Cheif's wife in the movie I looked up the IMDB credits for
'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' and saw that there was also another Australian actress who plays a nineteen year old wife in that movie and her name is Samara Weaving and she is from Adelaide, of all places.
So all signs for me seem to point to a road-trip to Adelaide this year, but first I have to get my 30,000km car service and a set of new tyres (Goodyear?) for my car.
I'm a bit weary of road travel though, having nearly being killed twice in 2016 on my road trips and now reading about Jessica's tragic fate in this post I wrote last night -
Not the Kind of "Surprise" in the New Year I Saw Coming from a Royal Palm Beach Swim
Samara Weaving is also a 'Home and Away' former actress, so the signs may also be telling me to pay attention when I'm on the road and don't be distracted by the girl in the red dress, because
Hugo Weaving is also Samara's uncle in real life.
Simon Weaving's Hollywood Mission for Daughter No 1
Daughter No One?!
The One?!
Fiona Johnson, the actress from The Matrix (1999)
The Wild Ride of Fiona Johnson in this Earthly Matrix?
So, I hope it's a GOODYEAR for me to head to Adelaide then:-)
I just realized that I posted that 
post on January 8th, 2015, which is exactly three years ago from me seeing 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' at the cinema.

January 17, 2018

Not the Kind of "Surprise" in the New Year I Saw Coming from a Royal Palm Beach Swim

I wrote a post on December 27th, 2017, about Princess Mary swimming at Palm Beach, which is the location that the Australian television drama 'Home and Away' is filmed at -
(Queen) Mary Christmas and a Surprise in the New Year?
I had brought up 'Home and Away'  in that post for a number of reasons, first because the Princess of Denmark was swimming at the beach made famous by the TV show with her family and in many ways not even the script writers of that TV show could have written a believable script about a young lady who grew up in Tasmania becoming a member of the Royal Family of Denmark, secondly I mentioned 'Home and Away' to ponder just who the Princess would be cheering for come the World Cup when Australia will have to play Denmark in their group.
I wondered who would be the Princess's home/away team when match day arrived.
The surprise in the New Year I was referring to was that rumours were flying around that the Princess could actually become the Queen of Denmark in 2018, if the current Queen stepped down like the rumours were saying she might.
My tattoo I got after the Sharks winning for the first time in nearly 50 years
Also with me being a lifelong Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks fan and seeing the Harold Holt news article about it being 50 years since Holt went missing in the ocean and the old saying about waiting for Cronulla to win a premiership is like leaving the porch light on for Harold Holt, I had to bring up the dangers of going out too far in the surf when I saw a news story about the Princess being in the surf again just as I was writing the post.
After finishing my post with joking that I would need a really powerful light to leave on before Australia ever won a World Cup final I posted it and then a few hours later I saw Jessica Falkholt an actress from the 'Home and Away' TV show was involved in a bad accident on the Princes Highway.
"The Princes Highway as a named route came into being when pre-existing roads were renamed ‘Prince's Highway’ after the visit to Australia in 1920 of the Prince of Wales (later to become
King Edward VIII and, after abdicating, the Duke of Windsor)."
I added the story as an update thinking how bizarre that in the 30 year Home and Away clip I used in the initial post that there was a car crash in it and Jessica would have no doubt filmed scenes on that beach the Princess was swimming in  with the Prince of Denmark and the accident happened on a highway named the Princes Highway.
Unfortunately the updates to this darkly synchronistic road accident kept getting worse, until today when six days after Jessica's life support getting turned off Jessica passed away right on the 30th anniversary date of 'Home and Away' TV show.
Jessica Falkholt’s death falls on the same day Home and Away marks 30 years on screens
Home and Away
That whole accident is so sad, but at the same time so eerily WTF(?) bizzare. 
Not the fairy-tale ending I was hoping for when writing about the Princess and the New Year.
It's also the night of the New Micro Moon today, so it's not off to a good start leading up to the Super Blue/Blood Moon coming at the end of the month -
From Micro New Moon to Super Blue/Blood Moon?