" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 20, 2018

Death and Comedy?

Kelly MacLean is a comedian who hosts the deadly funny podcast 'The Tao of Comedy', where Kelly interviews comedians about their lives, career, outlooks on life...and death.
Kelly seems to have started this podcast after her brother died in a car crash and she herself was questioning just what life...and death was all about.
She has been a bit quiet lately over at 'The Tao of Comedy' and I was a bit worried that she had given up those fine and insightful interviews with other comedians, but it turns out I found out after listening to another podcast show that Kelly was on, that Kelly is currently working on a film called 'When You Die'.
Skip to the 22 minute mark in the interview above to get past all of the talk about cryptocurrency and you'll hear Kelly talking about the 'When You Die' movie that she is working on.
And on the subject of death and comedy, I've been listening to a few podcasts featuring Dr.Raymond Moody and was surprised to learn that Dr.Moody started out as a stand-up comedian and even released a comedy album on vinyl back in the 70s.
Discussing Life After Life with Dr Raymond Moody – Paranormal Podcast 525
Dr. Raymond Moody on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour
Dr. Moody even wrote a book called 'The Last Laugh' (now there is a good name for a podcast about death and comedy).
I also listened to comedian Tracy Morgan talk to Oprah in the above interview about surviving his horrific car crash and his thoughts on life and death, and I thought both he and Dr. Moody would make great guests on Kelly's podcast show.
Remember Kelly that Dr. Moody is technically a stand-up comedian, so he qualifies for your show.
Anyway, try and have a listen to Kelly's show
'The Tao of Comedy' before you run out of time to do so.

March 19, 2018

An Ocean of Meaning with Dr. Dean Radin at TED

"For three decades, Dr. Radin has been engaged in frontiers research on the nature of consciousness.
Dr. Dean Radin is the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
He’s also the author of books like The Conscious Universe, Entangled Minds and his latest, Real Magic.
Click on the link below to go to the 'Third Eye Drops' site and listen to Dean on Michael's 100th podcast -
Mind Meld 100 | An Ocean of Meaning with Dr. Dean Radin
I probably should have given a drum-roll to that 100th TED link, but I didn't want to go overboard;-)


"In World War II, the most common thing the wounded said as they lay dying on the battlefield was "mother"." 
From 'Draw Your Weapons' a book by Sarah Sentilles.
When I read that line in Sarah's book it made me think of all of those old "Mother" tattoos that you would see on the arms of tough sailors, like Popeye.
It kind of makes more sense to me now that a tattoo like that really comes from some place deep in the subconscious to want to have the word "Mother" tattooed on your skin.
Of course these days sailors aren't the only ones getting "Mom/Mum" tattoos.
It's no wonder that mother figures are so popular in world religions, mythology and art.
I keep a statue of the Virgin Mary on my fridge, not that I'm of a religious devotional bent, but more for nostalgic reasons, as my Nan who was a Roman Catholic had these statues all around her house.
"In 1678, Swiss military physicians used the term "nostalgia" - a word made of the Greek root words for "return home" and "pain" - to describe the condition characterized by soldiers' melancho(r?)ly." 
Reminds me of the post I wrote about the tattoos that convicts would get before coming to Australia -

Tattoos and Tokens of Hope and Hopelessness
"I want to go home, my grandfather said when he was dying of Alzheimer's.
Vera, he said, calling out for my grandmother, who had been dead for years."
From 'Draw Your Weapons' a book by Sarah Sentilles.
I guess some things are etched more deeply into our minds than on to our skin.
Synchronicity, 42 and Owls?
Personally, I don't need tattoos to prove to the world that I love my mum and dad, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Just What is "The Real Thing" Anyway?

Russell Morris and his band at the Ballina RSL last Friday night
Hawking's o(r)bituary on page 8 and he was born in '42?-)
I bought my brother a ticket for his 50th birthday and drove him down to see Russell Morris play the Ballina RSL club last Friday night.
My brother and I like going down to the Ballina RSL club, but we've never been to a live gig down there before.
So when I saw that Russell Morris was playing down there a week away from my brother's birthday I saw a chance to kill two birds with one stone (although being a bird-lover, I'd never really kill two birds with one stone in "real" life;-) by giving him an early birthday present and go and see a great show.
Not that my brother knew just who Russell Morris was, but I told him that he would recognize some of his older songs like 'The Real Thing' and 'On the Wings of an Eagle',as those songs were played on the radio when we were kids growing up...sorry Russ;-)
Stephen Hawking Dies on Pi Day?!
Because of the passing of Stephen Hawking two days before the show, Russell was paying homage to Stephen by saying that we would be flying with Stephen though time as the now 42 year old Russell (I think Russ lost count of his age 27 years ago somehow;-) would take as back and forward in time as we revisited some of Russell's hits and current songs.
Well, Russell may, or may not be 42 right now, but he has lost none of his musical talent over the years and this guy pictured below sure plays a mean guitar.
I had seen Russell play the Byron Bay Bluesfest a few years back, where I got the chance to have a chat with Russell in the signing tent and he told me then that he likes playing small venues around the country and I can tell that he does, too.
Come and See The Real Thing Next Year: Byron Bay Bluesfest 2016 - Official Highlights Reel
Easter Monday at Bluesfest 2016
On my road trip to Tasmania in 2016, a track off Russell's 'Red Dirt- Red Heart' album titled 'Tiger Snake' was nearly the last song that I ever heard in this lifetime -
Road Trip #2
As that was the song playing on my iPod shuffle when I nearly got slammed into the back of a parked bus on the freeway.
And while I never got to hear Russell's song 'Tiger Snake' or 'The Real Thing' come up on my iPod shuffle on our drive to Ballina and back last Friday, the last song to come on the iPod shuffle as I was dropping my brother off at his home was 'Bennelong'.
Bridges from the Past to the Future?
Probably a message for me in all of that, maybe?
And I see 'The Radiators' are playing at the same venue on April 20th.
I wonder if I should risk the drive down to Ballina again in April?-)
It's Already Been 50 Years Since Mr.Eternity Died?!

March 18, 2018

Winter In America?

Donate to Bradbury’s latest film project – Winter in America
"David Bradbury was recently in the US again with his camera rolling in eight cities across America for the making of the sequel to America & Me.
One year into Trump’s administration Bradbury reports back – he has never seen American society so explosive. “This northern summer and the remaining three years of Trump are going to be explosive, potentially similar to the US of the 1960s,’ the veteran filmmaker says.
I haven't seen David's movie 'America & Me' yet, but I have seen other films of David's such as 'Blowin' in the Wind', 'Hard Rain' and 'On Borrowed Time'.
I met David years ago at a screening of his film 'On Borrowed Time', which was about the filmmaker Paul Cox and his battle with liver cancer, which Paul lost a few years after the film was made, even after surviving a liver transplant.
The film David is currently making with the title,
'Winter in America' reminds me of the 1976 song of the same name sung by Doug ASHdown (of all names) and a nuclear winter.
Let's hope the world isn't headed down that path.
"AMERICA & ME documents the filmmaker's observations over three months in the US during the lead up to the surprise election of Donald Trump.
A one-man band and always traveling with his camera, David Bradbury was easily able to slip into gear and start filming while on tour with his antimilitarism documentary War on Trial.
Eight US cities later he chronicled what was happening on the streets of America; 40 years after Ronald Reagan introduced the economic theories of Milton Friedman and the infamous Chicago Boys to the world.
Bradbury interviews veterans of America’s failed wars to maintain Empire, gets down in the gutter with the homeless to find out what life is like on the streets, speaks to a nun who was violated by the military junta in Guatemala under the directions of a CIA operative, goes to the US/Mexican border where Trump plans to build the Wall, films out front of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia where deadly drone attacks are ordered up every 'Killer Tuesday' by the US President...and ends up at the Standing Rock protest camp for Election Day.
These vignettes give context to Bradbury's critique of the American penchant for Empire, using telling moments from his earlier films shot on the edge of the American colossus – Nicaragua No Pasaran, Chile Hasta Cuando?, Frontline and South of the Border."

March 17, 2018

Skeptiko, & Data From The Fringe?

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might have noticed that most of my post titles end with a question mark.
That's because I believe that if you don't question everything that comes your way, then you are a f#@king idiot.
If you don't ask questions then how are you going to learn anything on a "scientific" basis?
Two of my favorite pod-casters are Alex and Greg, and while I don't agree with everything they say, you shouldn't agree with everything I say either, otherwise you are a f#@king idiot.
The only person who should come close to believing 100% of what I say is me...and I kind of do, but if you told me that you agree with everything that I did then I would probably think you are a lazy thinker...but a very smart lazy thinker, too;-)
Alex Tsakiris | The Consciousness Quarantine, Skeptiko, & Data From The Fringe
So take a listen to another (what I think is a) great podcast (click that that link above) and remember, keep asking questions.
Remember, you aren't a pussy if you ask "why?"
What do you mean, "why?";-)
And while I don't believe 100% of what Chris Knowles writes, just one last question of my own for Alex.
At least make it 42% in honour of nerd culture and
Douglas Adams;-)
Nobody on the net has all of the answers and I would say that 42% would be a pretty high mark for knowledge on this planet.
Plus I think Chris is asking the big questions and not trying to supply answers.
It's his readers that seem to be supplying their own answers and passing them off as Chris's answers.
Just hang loose when reading 'The Secret Sun' and you'll get more out of it.
Chris is asking the big questions over there and that is a worthy quest, I think.