" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 22, 2018

Fighting the GOOD Fight?

I've been listening to a few GOOD (I only mean that in the surname sense, not as in these interviews were actually good to listen to, although they aren't bad either) interviews with Nick Good about becoming your own superhero and listening to some GOOD (I mean good this time, as in good interview) Chris Knowles interviews about his book 'Our Gods Wear Spandex'.
Comic books have fascinated and inspired people of all ages for generations.
Yet few know that, like Pulp Fiction, its heroes and themes were heavily influenced by the Occult revival of the 19th century; and that its esoteric undertones continue to this day, especially with the runic touch of such openly magician-artists as Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Jack Kirby, Neil Gaiman and many more.
To wit, instead of looking at the past to old gods, mythological heroes, and arcane saviors, comic books secretly bring these luminaries and place them in modern times to deal with modern problems.
And often timeless problems.
We take a journey from the genesis of comic books, its evolution and that of its mystic protagonists, to our age where their heretical message is more influential than ever because of movies and video games.
Could the solution to so many of our spiritual and material problems be right in front of us, dressed in spandex?"
Superhero Living in a Modern World with Nick Good (Episode 16, GFM Radio)
"The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe."
Ironically, 'Avengers: Infinity War' starts in my country of Australia on the 25th of April, which is a holiday in Australia for ANZAC Day.

April 21, 2018

Synchronicity IT Can Be FREKEy at Times, Can't IT?

I wrote a post the other day about the Swedish word SLUT appearing at the end of films in Sweden -
When I saw that Avicii was found dead on the 20th of April, I couldn't help thinking about the movie 'IT', not just because a Swedish actor plays Pennywise the clown, but because the movie was released in the USA on the 8th of September, which just happens to be Avicii's birthday, as well.
But not only that, the movie is set in the summer of '89, the same year Avicii was born.
I also wrote a post today about the 'Future Fossils' podcast with Tim Freke coming out and it was released the day Tim Bergling (AKA Avicii) died -
Tim Curry played the original clown Pennywise in the 1990 TV series of 'IT' and Tim Curry's birthday was the day before Tim Bergling died, April 19th.
Is all of that Frekey enough for you?
On a personal note Tim Freke's birthday is April 8th, the same day my late father's birthday was on and the day my Nan died on, as well.


Another great talk at the 'Future Fossils' podcast site -

The Night Ocean?

I listened to the new '42 Minutes' podcast a few days ago, where Doug interviewed Paul La Farge about his novels 'The Night Ocean' and 'Luminous Airplanes'.
04.17.18 Episode 309: Paul La Farge
"On the day before the paperback edition of The Night Ocean arrives, we (Doug) meet again with Paul La Farge to speak about his 2011 work, Luminous Airplanes, an expansive, hugely imaginative, and very funny novel about history, love, memory, family, flying machines, dance music, and the end of the world."
The weird thing is as soon as Doug released the podcast about 'Luminous Airplanes' and the day the paperback edition of the book 'The Night Ocean' comes out, this happens -
IT Does Seem to be a Donnie Darko Kind of World Doesn't IT?
Maybe we'll have to call Doug "Dougie Darko" from now on?-)
But that's not all, because on my first ever visit to the
'Avid Reader' bookstore to hear a talk by Dave Graney, I bought the two books pictured above.
The (Love) Shack?
Dave Graney sitting in the 'Gifts and Things' section of  'The Avid Reader' bookstore
The 'Avid Reader' bookstore has a podcast site where recorded conversations like Dave's are kept.
But when I did a net search looking for the 'Avid Reader's podcast site I stumbled across another 'Avid Reader's bookstore podcast site and guess who one of the podcast's guest authors were at that site?
Paul La Farge talking about his fictious book about Lovecraft -
Paul La Farge: The Night Ocean
On Lovecraft's birthday of March 15th this year I wrote this post -
The Call of Cthulhu?!
Then on the 11th of April after reading Lovecraft's short story
'The Call of Cthulhu' I wrote this post -
 Downside Up: The Golden Bough and Fraser/Frazer?
Then on April 12th, 2018, like I recounted in this post -
Natasha de Tracie: AKA Lillian Lovecraft
a lady threw herself into the ocean from a cruise liner in the Pacific Ocean.
She lived one suburb away from where I bought the Lovecraft book, too.
I hate to say it, but 2018 is turning out a lot more weirder than I could ever imagine when it comes to synching/sinking -
2018 and that Sinking/Synching Feeling?
And it's a long way from over yet -
R. Lee Ermey passed away on the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking
Full Metal Life-Jackets?
Just don't shoot the messenger OK?
An Archetypal Sign of the Times?


I see Dennis has started a blog for synch-heads like myself, to explore the strange world and topic of synchromysticism, so I thought I would give his new endeavour a shout out for anyone who is into this stuff like we are.
Click on the link below and check out Dennis's new blog for yourself.
"Observations and deep investigations into the nature of our contemporary SYNCHROsphere… a space dedicated to examining and expanding upon the commentary of our favorite synchromystic Blog sites… SHINE FORTH!
- Agent 87, Proprietor

It's good to have another blog to discuss the elephant in the room and just what we think it might be and mean to us.
And through his latest post about elephants I found out (when I put "Elephant+Eugene, Oregon" into a web search) there was a bakery in Eugene, Oregon called the Elegant Elephant Baking Co who don't seem to sell elephant ears, but probably should, (although a gluten-free version of course) as there does seem to be a demand for them with hungry hikers passing through town.
Easy Four Ingredient Elephant Ears
I had never heard of elephant ears until today...ironically.
Apart from the real thing, that is.
So you learn something everyday I guess through synchromystic interaction it seems.
Although I would imagine you would have to do a fair bit of hiking to burn off your elephant ears to avoid ending up looking like an elephant from eating too many of these sweet treats;-)
And hears a lame riddle for do you scare a plate of elephant ears?
You put a plate of mouse ears next to them:-)
It looks like they make a mean cherry pie at the
Elegant Elephant Baking Co by the look of this photo above from their Facebook page.
That Cherry pie would be a good seller on the menu come next Pi Day -
Stephen Hawking Dies on Pi Day?!
And you could even have a dessert with your dessert and have one of these elephant cones that seem to be all the rage in Japan.
Anyway, shine forth with your new blog Dennis.
And I think I shouldn't blog on an empty stomach in the future.
Time for breakfast and a cup of coffee for me.